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GitHub Repo: https://github.com/ZanSara/dotfiles

What Linux developer would I be if I didn’t also have my very own dotfiles repo?

After many years of iterations I finally found a combination that lasted quite a while, so I figured it’s time to treat them as a real project. It was originally optimized for my laptop, but then I realized it works quite well on my three-monitor desk setup as well without major issues.

It sports:

  • i3-wm as window manager (of course, with gaps),
  • The typical trio of polybar , rofi and dunst to handle top bar, start menu and notifications respectively,
  • The odd choice of Ly as my display manager. I just love the minimal, TUI aesthetics of it. Don’t forget to enable Doom’s flames!
  • A minimalistic animated background from xscreensaver, Grav. It’s configured to leave no trails and stay black and white. An odd choice, and yet it manages to use no resources, stay very minimal, and bring a very (in my opinion) futuristic look to the entire setup.
  • OhMyBash with the font theme,
  • Other small amenities, like nmtui for network management, Japanese-numerals as workspace indicators, etc..

Feel free to take what you like. If you end up using any of these, make sure to share the outcomes!