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The CERN accelerators require a large number of instruments, measuring different beam parameters like position, losses, current etc. The instruments’ associated electronics and software also produce information about their status. All these data are stored in a database for later analysis. The Beam Instrumentation group developed the Offline Analysis Framework some years ago to regularly and systematically analyze these data. The framework has been successfully used for nearly 100 different analyses that ran regularly by the end of the LHC run 2. Currently it is being updated for run 3 with modern and efficient tools to improve its usability and data analysis power. In particular, the architecture has been reviewed to have a modular design to facilitate the maintenance and the future evolution of the tool. A new web based application is being developed to facilitate the users’ access both to online configuration and to results. This paper will describe all these evolutions and outline possible lines of work for further improvements.

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Publisher’s entry: THPV042.