I am a freelance Python and LLMs specialist based in Portugal.

Until recently I worked for deepset, a German startup working on NLP since “before it was cool”, where I was the main contributor of Haystack, their open-source framework for building highly customizable, production-ready NLP and LLM applications.

Previously I worked for a few years at CERN, where I began my software engineering career. During my time there I had the privilege of driving one major decision to migrate the graphical interface’s software of the accelerator’s control systems from Java to PyQt, and then of helping a client department migrate to this stack. I have also worked on other infrastructure and data pipelines, some of which resulted in publication.

Outside of work I have too many pet projects to follow up with than the free time I can dedicate to them. I love science fiction and space exploration, I enjoy challenging hikes in nature and learning languages, as much as such process can be enjoyed.

I speak native Italian and fluent English, but I’ve also learned French during my time at CERN, I’m studying Hungarian for family reasons, and Portuguese because I currently live there. I still can understand some Russian and I have a very basic understanding of Chinese, both from my teenage and university years.

You can find my latest CV here. Check out also my projects, my publications and my talks.